HeartStone Tour

The HeartStone Tour is the major fundraiser event for the HeartStone Foundation. Proceeds will go to assist individuals facing financial hardship caused by medical emergencies. The HeartStone Tour is an essential fundraiser for the HeartStone Foundation, as well as a great way … Continue reading

Remember HeartStone Foundation When You Are Planning Your Holiday Giving. See Our 2013 Recipient…

The HeartStone Foundation is happy to announce the new “HeartStone Foundation Christmas” program. Each Holiday season we plan to give a very special gift to a deserving person. Our first recipient received a Go-Go Ultra Scooter! We are so grateful to be … Continue reading

How Not to Look Like a Cycling Rookie

Some humor in this article, but also some good tips. Number 10, tips for riding in groups, is a must-read. With the recent explosion in cycling popularity, the United States is experiencing record growth in the sport of cycling. This … Continue reading

Change Your Fat and Muscle Cells Through Exercise

This article proves that exercise is important to our health in ways we don’t even know yet. Keep on riding. It is important. Exercise promotes health, reducing most people’s risks of developing diabetes and growing obese. But just how, at … Continue reading