John Anast HeartStone Tour

Check back weekly for the latest updates of start times, routes, parking and last minute changes!

John Anast, AKA “Goat”, was a strong supporter of the HeartStone Foundation & Tour. His generous contributions support many recipients. We are pleased to honor him for years to come with The John Anast HeartStone Tour.
John, you are greatly missed!

What makes the HeartStone Foundation so unique?
We work directly with individuals and families in financial stress due to cancers, multiple sclerosis, and juvenile colon disease, among other conditions. We provide financial assistance paid directly to medical providers so recipients can concentrate on healing. Over the past nine years, we have defrayed over $300,000 in medical expenses. The John Anast HeartStone Tour is an essential fundraiser for the foundation. The tour is a great way to spend your day cycling, listening to music, and having fun with family and friends!

RIDE DATE: Saturday, October 8th (rain or shine)

A day for bike rides, music, goats (yes, goats!), and good times with friends and family.


Jerseys Available! Details Here

The start/finish lines for all rides and the post-event celebrations will take place at Salem Township Elementary School
605 Welch Rd, Morrow, OH  45152

Come join us for John Anast HeartStone Tour and experience the rolling countryside and the challenging hills in southwest Ohio. Enjoy on-site food and beverages provided by our generous sponsors and volunteers both before, during, and after the ride. After you finish the tour, plan to stay into the evening for a heartwarming gathering of friends, bikes, live music, food, a family-friendly movie, and countless good memories to take home with you!


The 2016 John Anast HeartStone Tour has a ride for everyone, no matter your cycling level:

  • 5:00pm Start – A FREE Family Route – A 5-miles ride of fun for families and young riders.
  • 4:00pm Start – Billy Goat Gruff Route – A 26-mile ride on flat terrain.
  • 3:00pm Start – Hilly Billy Junior Route – A 36-mile ride on rolling to moderately hilly terrain.
  • 2:00pm Start – Hilly Billy Senior Route – A 47-mile ride with 5 major climbs.
  • 1:00pm Start – Hilly Billy Mountain Goat Challenge Route – A 57-mile ride with 12 major climbs. This is an extremely challenging route that includes some of the toughest hills in southwest Ohio!

All of the routes, including elevation and rest stop information, are posted at:

If you will be downloading your ride into a GPS navigational device, please be sure to re-check the route information shortly before the event date. As with any road cycling event, we may need to make last-minute changes due to road closures, etc.

Longer routes will include rest stops with food/water. All routes are marked and cue sheets will be provided on the day of the ride. All routes are open routes so ALL Rules of the road and TRAFFIC SIGNS MUST BE OBEYED!! View FAQs for more details.

For more information contact us at: or call 513.389.1335