Testimonials From Tour Riders

"Kudos to HeartStone for the fabulous route and to all the volunteers who put this event together. Highlights of the day for me included the motorcycle escorts for each group who stopped traffic at intersections to wave us through; sag service provided by our own Randy Dunlap on the 75 mile loop; Racin' Ross on a Harley instead of a road bike; a cheery Mary Downey filling water bottles at the 50 mile fuel stop, a strong representation of G4B riders; Pam Sisney and Patti Moran's new wood fired pizza truck at the finish (very tasty); Chuck's mechanical on Binney within the first 10 miles, Flounder's Flat which got him dropped by the lead pack and left him to ride with us so we put him on the front to listen to DA; Gig skirt chasing; Roger, diligent as a domestique keeping me in the pack; drenched by a downpour within the last ten miles, God's way of saying "except for the last 10 miles"; gorgeous day otherwise with low winds; my attack at the beginning which kept me away from the leaders for the first 25 miles (it helped to dodge the Mt. Carmel climb); the G4B peleton for the last 25 miles with a few additional hangers on."


Cincinnati, Ohio

"The race support was amazing! The motorcycles called in my mechanical and had a mechanic to me in 5 minutes. Unfortunately the issue was inside the shifter and could not be fixed on the road, but they were right on it! Really sorry to have missed the ride in and events afterwards!"


Cincinnati, Ohio

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