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The HeartStone Foundation name was derived from the James Alexander Thom novel, Panther in the Sky, with roots to the Native American Indians, who at a young age dove down into frigid water to choose their “heartstone” which they carried into adulthood for help in trying times.

In 2007, after applying for and receiving 501(c)3 status, a small group of friends and acquaintances of a young woman with breast cancer held two events and helped her pay a significant portion of her medical bills. After this success, we decided that if we could do this for one person, we could and should do it for others.

Since 2007, the HeartStone Foundation has helped fifteen people erase significant medical bills. Our recipients have been recurring breast cancer patients, lymphoma patients, a toddler with a flabby colon who needed treatment at the Mayo Clinic, patients who received bone marrow transplants and some who underwent stem cell replacement. Additionally, the HeartStone Foundation has helped several people obtain dental surgery in preparation for cancer treatment.

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