• Who are this year’s recipients for assistance from the HeartStone Foundation?

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the HeartStone Foundation must conform to a variety of IRS regulations. Unfortunately, IRS regulations do not allow us to directly disclose the names of newly-chosen recipients as part of our promotion for the HeartStone Tour.

So although we cannot disclose the names of this year’s new recipients, please be assured that every recipient of assistance from the HeartStone Foundation is chosen through a comprehensive application and interview process.

All proceeds from HeartStone Foundation events, including the Tour, go to supporting recipients. No HeartStone Foundation board members receive any remuneration. The directors of the Tour are unpaid board members.

All HeartStone Foundation recipients struggle with the burden of healing from serious illness, while at the same time dealing with financial hardship created by overwhelming medical expenses.

Past recipients have included individuals diagnosed with breast cancer, recurring breast cancer, complex congenital conditions, and lymphoma. Some have received stem cell and bone marrow transplants.

Some of our recipients stories are on this website. Keep checking back for more wonderful stories on how your participation makes a difference!

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