• Is there SAG support for the ride?

SAG support will be provided for all the routes.

The SAG support team can help you with mechanical issues, navigation, urgent hydration or fueling needs, and transport in case of unbearable fatigue or illness. If you experience a medical emergency, contact 911.

The phone numbers for the SAG support vehicles will be published on the cue sheets for each route. Be sure to bring the cue sheet with you on the ride in case you end up needing to request a SAG.

It is highly recommended to bring a cell phone with you for the ride.

If you do not have a cell phone with you, or if you do not have reception at your location, please ask another rider to call in for you, or at the very least to inform volunteers at the next water stop of your SAG request.

SAG support vehicles will be sweeping the course throughout the ride, but a direct phone call will be the quickest way to get the support you need.

SAG support will be provided through 7 p.m. If you are doing one of the longer routes, and are not beginning at the official start time for your route, please plan your start time accordingly.

If you are riding one of the longer routes and find that you may not be able to get back to the start before 7 p.m., please call SAG support and proactively inform us of your situation.

In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. After you have called 911, please contact the SAG support crew so we are aware of your situation, and are able to provide whatever non-medical backup support may be needed (e.g. bike transport).

If for some reason you decide to leave the official HeartStone Tour route and not return to the start, please contact SAG support so we know you are okay.

If you get lost, please contact SAG support so we can help you get back onto the course.

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