John Ananst HeartStone Tour Jersey

These special-edition jerseys and other commemorative cycling kits will be produced for the 2016 John Anast HeartStone Tour by Champion System. This is a high-quality and comfortable brand that is popular with many cyclists in the area.

Because this is a custom kit, we cannot place an order until we have at least 10 items in the queue. In addition, there is a lead time of several weeks from when an order is placed to when it is shipped.

Therefore…Orders for jerseys and other cycling kits will NOT be available for pickup on the day of the ride.

HOWEVER… we will continually place orders as soon as we have 10 items or more on request.

So… the sooner you register and order, the sooner we can get your special-edition kit in your hands!

After you place your cycling kit order, we will periodically be in touch with order status updates.

How to place your order for your jersey or other cycling kits:

The ordering area for the cycling kit will become available AFTER you go to checkout for your ride registration.

If you are registering for the FREE Family Ride (or if you are not simultaneously purchasing a paid ride for any other reason), please add the “$1 Ticket” for jersey purchase to your cart so the merchandise options will be displayed. (By extension, if you are simultaneously purchasing a paid ride, then you do NOT need this $1 Ticket.)

We are very pleased to be offering a range of jerseys and other cycling kits for your ongoing enjoyment and remembrance of this ride. The items available are:

• Tech Short Sleeve Jersey
• Tech Sleeveless Jersey
• Tech Fleece Long Sleeve Jersey
• WindGuard Wind Vest

The TECH SHORT SLEEVE JERSEYS are made from Champion System’s exclusive microfiber CS TECH polyester wicking fabric. The jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position, with 3 rear pockets. For each jersey cut, we are offering a choice of a short (7-inch) zipper or a full-length zipper. Both zipper styles are concealed.

The TECH SLEEVELESS JERSEY is just like the short sleeve jersey, but without the sleeves. The sleeveless jersey includes a full-length concealed zipper, a collar, anatomical cut, and 3 rear pockets.

Sizing information for the Short Sleeve AND Sleeveless jerseys:

Women’s Cut

Men’s Race Cut (a snugger fit)

Men’s Club Cut (a more relaxed fit)

The TECH FLEECE LONG SLEEVE JERSEY is a delightfully warm and soft fleece-lined top (jersey-fabric exterior) that is perfect for riding in cooler temperatures (40-50F). This jersey includes a full-length concealed zipper, a collar, anatomical cut, and 3 rear pockets.

Sizing information: Men’s or Women’s Cut – Tech Fleece Long Sleeve (info coming soon…)

The WINDGUARD WIND VEST is a perfect way to extend the versatility of ALL your cycling kit, adding wind resistance for your core and a touch more warmth in all conditions. The vest includes a full-length concealed zipper, a collar, anatomical cut, and a reflective strip on the back.

Sizing information: Men’s or Women’s Cut – WindGuard Wind Vest

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